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All vehicles in Manitoba that are part of the Highway Traffic Act must be registered with Manitoba Public Insurance, a crown corporation that provides vehicle registration and insurance to all Manitobans. Their product is called "Autopac".

So, whether you are buying or selling a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, etc, trading one in, purchasing an ATV, ORV or UTV for either business or pleasure use, you will need to meet certain criteria for Manitoba Public Insurance to plate and insure your vehicle.

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Autopac Transactions

Customer Must Normally Attend The Autopac Office

  • Renewal of Drivers license
  • New registration /policy application, transfer, Vehicle insurance coverage renewal, reassessment, reactivation, reapplication, Mid term Change - Autopac authorization form, Need to supply docs or collect plates.
  • Re-application of a lapsed Drivers Licence Manual reassessment of an active or lapsed Driver license
  • Drivers license authorization and Driver unavailable authorization

Customer Not Required To Attend Office

  • Payment
  • Replacement registration
  • ID card replacement. Driver licence / ID card Authorization form
  • Drivers licence replacement ID card replacement. Driver licence / ID card Authorization form

Link to MPI Authorization for vehicles.

Link to MPI Authorization for leaving Manitoba as a resident.

Link to MPI Authorization for Customer Unavailable.

Private Alternatives

It is important to keep in mind that there is a deductible reduction (vehicle & glass) and Excess Liability limit options available from private insurance carriers.

Driver Licensing

We can arrange a road test to arrange your driver's license. Please contact us for more information.

For more information regarding licensing, go to

Driver Safety Rating

A point scale that considers driving behaviour and rewards better drivers with reduced vehicle insurance premiums and driver license premiums. Go to the following address at MPI for more details.

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