When a claim occurs, make sure that Turnbull-Whitaker is your first call!

Some people see buying insurance as obtaining a policy. We prefer to think that what you have really purchased is "claim service". This becomes particularly evident at that time a claim occurs. We will act as your Client Advocate and help to facilitate the claim process to ensure a fair and fast resolution. We understand your coverage and will be able to point out to the adjuster/insurer all the coverage you are entitled to in the event of a loss. Not all losses are insured, however, we can help explain if they are not and guide you through the process if they are.


You are required to take any reasonable measures necessary to prevent further damage. If you are unsure about those actions, please speak with us or your assigned adjuster first. At the very least, be sure to take before and after photos that can be reviewed. If you have access to your policy number that is helpful for the adjuster, if not they will request your name and address to find your information.

Suggestions before you file an insurance claim

  1. Be safe - take whatever precautions you need to find safety or reduce further risk to yourself and your property.
  2. Take photos or videos of the damage to your home, business, or vehicle with your phone. It's critical evidence and proof to your insurer.
  3. Create a list of all damaged or lost items. Make sure to be thorough and complete when you're making a contents insurance claim.
  4. For your vehicle, take notes of all the drivers involved, their cars, and insurance.
  5. Avoid repairs unless you must fix something immediately to mitigate further damage. It's best to leave things to the professionals - be it a mechanic, a contractor, or the insurance adjuster.
  6. Prepare to speak with your insurer. They'll want to know what happened, in your own words, and what you've done thus far to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

The basic steps of the "Claim Process"

Contact Turnbull-Whitaker

Whenever possible, this should be your first call. Our goal is to assess the situation on your behalf and give you a plan to proceed forward. This may involve gathering the claim details from you including items damaged or lost, description of the incident itself, date, and time of the event as well as any other materials you may have to help explain what has taken place.

At that point, we will:

  • report the claim directly to your insurance company
  • offer you the name of a restoration contractor if appropriate
  • confirm in writing that the claim is underway and provide the names of any contacts which the insurance company may supply

You will then be contacted by an Adjuster to continue the claims process.

The Claim Investigation

  1. The claim will be investigated by the insurance company either using their own in-house adjuster or a third-party adjuster depending upon circumstance. The adjuster will determine the following:
    1. the events/details surrounding the loss
    2. the amount of loss or damages covered by your insurance policy
    3. identify any liable parties
    4. witness information or other parties' contact information.
  2. Damage evaluation is conducted. To accurately evaluate the extent of the damage, your insurance adjuster may hire appraisers, engineers, or contractors to lend their expert advice.
  3. Next the adjuster will go through your policy carefully to determine what is and is not covered and inform you of any applicable deductibles that may apply to your case. This is one of the specific areas that we as your broker can help to ensure that the adjuster is fully aware of all the coverage benefits you are entitled to. It is vital that the lines of communication remain open between you and us understanding that the insurance company and adjuster do not always keep us your broker fully apprised of circumstances.
  4. Once the evaluation is complete, the process of putting you back in the place you were prior to the loss begins. If a property loss, this may involve replacing contents or the arrangement of a contractor. When it comes to hiring third parties, although you may not be so inclined at first, be open to using those parties recommended by the adjuster/insurance company. This not only saves you time and research, but also holds the insurance company more accountable in the event of any issues.
  5. Payment is arranged. After repairs have been completed and lost or damaged items have been replaced, your adjuster will contact you regarding settlement of your claim and payment. The amount of time it takes to receive payment will depend on the complexity and severity of your situation. We can help to ensure you receive proper interim payment assistance.

Who to call (we prefer you call us first whenever possible)?

Emergency After Hours Service

Centra Claims Management Inc.
Phone: 204-318-2001
Fax: 204-977-8450
Website: centraclaims.ca

Non-Emergency (Turnbull-Whitaker)

1465 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3N 0J4
Phone: 204-488-4547
Fax: 204-488-8030
8-1504 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2M 3V7
Phone: 204-255-8194
Fax: 204-255-8196

Restoration Company Service Options


24 Hour Claim Service Contact Number

First General


First On-Site Restoration


On Side Restoration


Priority Restoration

1- 204-786-3344

ServiceMaster Restore


Steamatic Disaster & Cleaning


Winmar Restoration


Winnipeg Building & Decorating



Individual Insurance Company After Hours Insurer Emergency Lines:


24 Hour Claim Service Contact Number

AVIVA Insurance


AVIVA Ovation Insurance


Beacon Insurance (Marine)




Ches Special Risks

1 844 384 0867

Chubb Insurance




Intact Insurance






Optimum Insurance


South Western Group SWG


Special Risks Insurance Managers SRIM


Sport & Fitness




Trans Canada Insurance Managers TCIM





Crawford & Company, Cell: 204-981-5141

Wawanesa Insurance




MPI/Autopac Claim Process

In the event you have a claim with a vehicle registered with MPI, please contact MPI directly at the following numbers:

In Winnipeg: 204-985-7000
Outside Winnipeg: 1-800-655-2410

For glass claims

Choose a participating eGlass claim repair shop by visiting mpi.mb.ca, contact the shop directly and arrange the repairs with them. There is no requirement to contact MPI. You must have your vehicle registration card on hand to provide the correct information to the shop, and the date and time of loss.

Towing services

If your vehicle can't be driven from the scene of a collision because of damage, you'll need to have it towed. If the collision occurred in Winnipeg, MPI will assist you by arranging a tow with Champion Towing directly to their compound.

Simply call 204-985-7000 and provide them with the details of the collision.

If MPI is closed, they have a contract towing service you can use in Winnipeg and Brandon.

You can call Champion Towing in Winnipeg at 204-985-7777.

For towing in Brandon, call Full Tilt Towing at 204-729-9510.

For towing outside Winnipeg and Brandon, but within Manitoba, call 1-800-665-2410. If they are closed and your vehicle isn't driveable, you can arrange your own towing. MPI will reimburse you for reasonable towing and storage costs.

Outside of Manitoba, contact a local towing company to make arrangements. The local tower is required to tow the vehicle to the storage facility closest to where the collision occurred.

Claim Appeal

For information on how to appeal your claim, please visit;

Claim Buy Back

For information on how to buy back your at fault claim;

I have an at-fault claim. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from affecting my Driver Safety Rating?

Depending on the circumstances, you may choose to "buy back" your claim so that it doesn't affect your DSR. A buy back is like undoing your claim by reimbursing any money paid by Manitoba Public Insurance for repairing your vehicle, other vehicles and property damaged in the accident, as well as for injuries from the accident.

People buy back their claims for several reasons:

  • to keep their vehicle premium discount
  • to avoid additional driver's licence premiums
  • to maintain a claim-free record before moving out of the province

Sometimes it's more cost-effective for you to pay to have the vehicle fixed rather than file a claim. You can buy back any claim at any time and your adjuster can assist you.

If you are concerned about the fairness of Manitoba Public Insurance operations, you can contact the Fair Practices office at 204-985-8770 ext. 8117

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