We serve the broad construction segment including those in residential and commercial sectors, heavy construction and more. We offer a broad portfolio of insurance coverage designed to address the various exposures faced by the construction industry:

In addition, we can also help you obtain the Surety Bonds you need to bid on projects and deliver your trade.

For large construction projects that want to avert coverage gaps and require greater control over total construction costs and improved overall project safety, we can provide our expertise with an Owner Controlled Insurance Program or a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program.


We can help with the needs of most private and post-secondary educational institutions offering such coverage options as Property - Buildings and Contents, Business Interruption, Abuse Liability, Commercial General Liability, Educator's Errors & Omissions Liability, Directors' & Officers' Liability (including Employment Practices Liability) and Cyber Insurance.

Fine Arts

Responsive and confidential professional service available to private collectors, art galleries or museums.

Hospitality/Food and Beverage

We can arrange the protection necessary to operate in the hospitality industry. People, property, assets, and reputation. Whether you have a hotel, motel, restaurant, lounge, nightclub, or bar, let us help with your property, business interruption, general liability and liquor liability needs.

Life Science

Tailored protection for the medical device, pharmaceutical or biotech industries. We can help you from startup through commercial development including clinical trials with worldwide protection. High valued property, research and development, product liability and errors & omissions liability are just a few of the important coverages we can assist you with.


Manufacturing is an important part of any economy regardless of location. We are committed to supporting the sustained and future growth of manufacturers through the provision of cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions. Whether your sales are in Canada, to the United States or made to the global market, we can assist you.


Whether you sell food, clothing, electronics or building supplies, operate single or multi-store entities, let us help with your insurance needs. From liability slip and fall issues to landlord lease requirements, we can help negotiate the proper forms of insurance necessary to protect your needs.

Professional Services

We have the expertise to offer insurance guidance to Lawyers, Accountants, Medical Clinics, Architects & Engineers and many more disciplines. This includes providing Professional Liability (errors & omissions), Property, Cyber or basic General Liability forms of protection.

Real Estate and Property Management

Whether you own a single residential rental property or a schedule of industrial, office or retail properties, we can assist you. We have the critical experience necessary to guide you through today's ever-changing marketplace to ensure you obtain a product that will respond in a comprehensive and timely fashion. At the same time, we do everything we can to reduce your workload in the process.

Wholesale & Distribution

The storage and distribution of wholesale products necessitate insurance to cover the specific property and service needs of your industry. We can help arrange insurance coverage for your facility whether you own or lease the property. It is of paramount importance that when protecting the goods of others, you understand the difference between primary first party property insurance versus third party warehouseman's legal liability protection which we can explain in a thorough yet simple manner.

Sports and Leisure

We offer General Liability, Accident, Travel, Directors' & Officers, and event cancellation to sport, leisure, recreation, and fitness organizations. Whether you operate a fitness studio or a sports league, we can supply the necessary insurance for games, tournaments, and training.

Technology and Communications

This is a field of constant change, and the insurance industry is evolving right along to meet those needs. Whether you are a start-up tech manufacturer or a seasoned multi-media professional, we can assist. Your specialized products and services require the same type of insurance to protect your corporate assets and business reputation. Let us design a program that will meet your specific needs.

Service Industries

The service sector is a key aspect of economic growth for all communities. If your business doesn't fall within one of the above categories, please contact us and we can advise whether we can help you out. Odds are that we will be able to respond.

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